You can save much money when 1USD=6.9RMB

Date of issue:2018-11-13 Reading times:[43]

You can save cost when 1USD=6.9RMB

 USD CNY 730 day  and latest 3 years exchange rate  History ,  you can see the max is  1USD= 6.9,  then the min 1USD=6.3
 That means It is the best time to import from China at this time.  Because after 2018, we think the currency will change a lot.  
For example:   when exchange rate is 6.9:   you import 10,000USD goods

However, if the exchange rate will be  6.3,   you have to pay 10, 950USD,   you need pay other  950USD.

If miss this November, you will not receive the products in the March / April of 2019!  

As we confirmyou that every customers all would like to receive their orders before the Christmas or New Year.
So there are many orders for suppliers. That means order ealier, you get the goods earlier and you could sell in your market. Otherwise, you could not make money till to the 2019 year!